17 agosto 2016

Jim go bell in New York.

When I'm sailing across the mysterious and dangerous websea my chest is full of courage. Poseidon is at my side all the moments and makes me so strong and so brave like a viking. I'm a impavid navigator like Columbus. Or better, like Popeye, the sailor. Without fear I dive in the dangerous webocean and from the deep waters I always emerge with treasures in my hands and in my indefatigable eyes. Recently I got a chest with fantastic paintings and drawings signed from a guy from the Big Apple called Jim Hopkins. Wow! Jim is really a great artist, friends! If you want to see his marvelous works, don't miss your precious time and go to these blogs to see more of the Jim's productions: http://mugitup.blogspot.com/ and http://icecreamnobones.blogspot.com/ . Jim, here from Bahia I send to you my embrace and my huge admiration.
(Publicado originalmente em 22/12/09)